C | Raycasting | Graphic library

About the project

This project is the first game that I developed 😊, it is inspired by the world-famous eponymous 90's game Wolfenstein 3D, which was the first FPS ever.

What I learned

Graphic library

I had to use the miniLibX graphic library which I think is developed by a 42 staff member.
I had never used a graphic library before but it appeared to me that this one was a really minimalistic and low-level one.
There was little resources online but thanks to the man pages and other 42 students I managed to get the hang of it.

Ray casting

I used this wonderful tutorial to implement ray casting.
Even though I studied maths for 1 year after graduation, I had never applied "complex" maths algorithms in my projects, it gave me this exact opportunity and I enjoyed it.


I found this project fun to work on and satistying as you see direct results.