Kubernetes | Clustering | Docker

About the project

This project is about clusturing docker applications and deploying them with Kubernetes.
I had to set up a multi-service cluster which includes:

It looks something like this:

ft_services schema

What I learned


It was my first experience with Kubernetes, which I never heard of before.
I learned to manage different services inside the same cluster and make them work nicely together.
I find K8s to have a steep learning curve, there are a bunch of concepts to come across such as pods, services, volumes, deployments which implies to read a large amount of documentation.


I had always used JSON but this project introduced me to YAML. I hate it.
JSON doesn't care if you have an extra or missing tabulation, YAML do.
Having 15+ yaml files in this project, I got frustrated a lot.


I can't imagine myself as a system administrator because it doesn't fullfil me.
However, I'm grateful I had the opportunity to work on this project because it increased my knowledge and skills in a domain that, even though I'm not a fan of, is still important.