React Native | Typescript

What is it

TOZ is my first react native project, it is an application regrouping multiple alcohol games.
It is available on both the App Store and Google Play store and has over 200K downloads 🥳.

What I learned

React Native

I started writing it while learning react native, it helped me a lot to build a real project to understand the fundamentals.
I'm using Expo, it comes with a nice developer experience and facilitates a lot of things. However, in the futur, I might eject from Expo managed workflow to have more freedom over my app bundle, native libraries etc...


As I decided to learn Typescript, I rebuilt TOZ using it.
I was suprised by the number of small bugs I found while converting the code, and since then I can't live without it 👉👈.

React Native tests

Jest library is my go to when testing javascript/typescript, on top of that I'm using React Native Testing Library.
TOZ was the perfect opportunity for me to dig deeper in testing my react (native or not) projects 👌.

Internationalization 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇩🇪

I never had the opportunity to internationalize a project before.
I'm using i18n-js library and translating the application in 4 different languages.

React hooks and context

In the first version of TOZ, I used class components.
However, after moving from javascript to typescript I also studied function components, hooks and context.
Since then, I never came back to class components as I love react hooks.

Dealing with third parties

This is not related to programming but this is still a huge part of creating an application from scratch.
Publishing an app on the App Store and the Play Store isn't fun, there is a lot of rules and guidelines to follow.
Nevertheless, it is a great experience.

A lot more

Animations, assets storage, over the air updates, monetization etc...


TOZ is still in development and I'm aiming to release regular updates 👍.